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Last updated on September 25, 2022

Guidelines for submitting blogposts

Hola Lawphorics,

Thank you for all the hard work, and time you put in to make this platform better, updated, and more relevant for law students .
We really admire and thank you for all your contribution towards this platform…


While there are no rigid thematic constraints, the article should ideally be related to trending legal issues, case comments, or legal provisions explained. The expectation is that the submitted article will provide informed perspective, critical thinking and new insight to the readers. Blogs on recent topics will be appreciated. The writing should be innovative and highlight one’s research.


Anyone who wishes to pen down his/her thoughts on any emerging socio-legal issue can put on his thinking cap and is free to send the writeup

Publication Fee

We do not charge law schools, colleges and universities for posting their events. There also will be no fee for events, competitions which do not have a participation fee and are free to participate. We, however, as of now, do charge a flat fee of Rs. 500/- per event post on events, courses, competitions which have a participation fee and are conducted by private companies and any person other than reputed law schools, colleges and universitities

Submission guidelines

  1. The co-authorship is limited to a maximum of two authors.
  2. All submissions must be in Times New Roman, font size 12.
  3. Word limit for each submission is between 1000 to 2500 words.
  4. The submission should be accompanied with a covering letter specifying the author’s name, designation, institute, contact number and e-mail for future reference.
  5. All entries should be submitted in .txt or .docx format.
  6. All entries will be screened by the editorial board before publication.
  7. Writers will be given due credit on our website for their submissions.
  8. The entries must be original, unpublished and an outcome of the author’s own efforts. Plagiarism is prohibited.
  9. The authors by submitting their entry would be deemed to have divested the copyright to Lawphoria.

How to submit?

Entries should be emailed to [[email protected]](mailto: [email protected])with the subject same as the title of the post you desire for. We are accepting all submissions on a rolling basis. The submissions will be processed through a rigorous editorial procedure and the decision about its acceptance or rejection shall be communicated to the authors within 14 days. In relation to all the disputes, the decision of the Editorial Board shall be final and binding.


  1. There is something exciting waiting for the author(s) of the best blogs.
  2. If selected, the blogs will be published on our website alongwith due credits to the authors. However, the aforementioned guidelines are to be followed by the authors.
  3. All the participants who contribute actively to the blog with good quality articles will be considered directly to become a member of our editorial board.
  4. The authors of the published blogs will get a certificate of publication. The Author(s) of the best blogs will get a certificate of merit as well.
  5. Due credit for articles.
  6. E-certificate of appreciation for writers who publish more than 3 posts in a month.
  7. Opportunity to spread legal awareness.

Contact details: For any queries, contact us at [[email protected]](mailto: [email protected])

Disclaimer: Although Team Lawphoria tries it’s best to post accurate information, yet there can be errors in the information provided. Lawphoria is not responsible for any loss caused due to these unwanted errors.

Disclaimer: Although Team Lawphoria tries it's best to post accurate information, yet there can be errors in the information provided. Lawphoria is not responsible for any loss caused due to these unwanted errors.