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Since you are here reading this post you have become a part of our small family of Lawphorics i.e. those who enjoy law and we soon expect to grow our team of lawphorics by including young cheerful lawphorics like you. This is an all in one destination providing you with a plethora of information that you would need during your entire legal life, starting from pre-law school entrance coaching, law school opportunities to after school jobs.

We intend to bridge the gap between studying law and practising it by placing before you an awesome platter having all you need to get a badge of Lawphoria which is a portmanteau of law+ euphoria i.e. Making your legal journey candid, joyous that would linger in your hearts forever and would leave an indelible impression on the society.

Our blog section is a legal awareness platform which seeks to present a legal analysis of latest case laws, government policies and events of national importance in simple language which can be understood by the populace from legal as well as non-legal background and can be of help for law students, law professionals, corporate lawyers, judges, law professors et al.


Following are the objectives of lawphoria :-

  • Disseminate information about activities conducted by various organization/institutions, law schools, law firms in India and around the world and its best, innovative practices.
  • Conducting competitions, publications, quizzes, internships, certificate courses in Collaboration with various institutions, organizations, NGO for these activities.
  • Research work on Socio-Legal Issues in India.Any other matter incidental thereto.
  • At a time when there are plethora of misconceptions about socio-legal situations in our country, we at LAWPHORIA, think fit to share the correct legal aspects backed by principles and precedents by delivering high-quality articles related to law and policy. We aim to provide law students and professionals with a knowledge base for a better and clear understanding of legal concepts

Here are the things you’ll find on Lawphoria:

Opportunities: Call for papers, essay competitions, seminars, courses, law school fests, moot court competitions, fellowships, PDs, MUNs and every other opportunity which will make your legal journey interesting and cheerful.

Internship Experiences: Internship experiences of law students at various places: lawyers, NGOs, law firms, companies, Courts, Tribunals and Commissions etc. which will help you make informed decisions about your internships and careers.

Personal Blogs, Career Advice, and Law School News: publish write-ups, legal memes, stories, poems, law school experiences and other artworks by budding creative lawyers like you. Law school journey is obviously not bound within four walls of laws, cases and judges. Lawphoria also contains a healthy repository of articles guiding law students about their careers, advice related to internships, mooting, career options in law, curating a CV, etc. are shared in this section.

Note: All college/university events are published for free on lawphoria. To submit a post, please click here.


We strive to make your legal journey lawphoric!

Disclaimer: Although Team Lawphoria tries it's best to post accurate information, yet there can be errors in the information provided. Lawphoria is not responsible for any loss caused due to these unwanted errors.